Today is the Summer Solstice – and this is the blog that has been dying to come out for years…


I have chronicled my life in pictures for the past five years, and now, on June 21, 2011, on this glorious Summer Solstice, I begin the blog that has been dying to come out for years.

I am a city girl trapped in this country lifestyle… and you know what?  I like it!  My husband and I may be “livin’ the dream” because we bought an old farmhouse on 33 acres – but falling in love with this place has come with some growing pains.

Without a doubt, it is beautiful here, but when you live in the city you have access to everything – in the country, we are 40 minutes from anywhere.

Like so many others, we’ve felt the wrath of the economic downturn with the loss of business for my husband, and layoffs from several jobs for me.  On top of that, the salaries here don’t come close to what they were in Boston.

We used to travel and go out all the time – now, we spend all our money maintaining our land and home.

But with each passing year the scales tip in favor of love.  It’s hard work and we’ve been thrown a few curve balls, but what’s tipping the scale is some amazing new friends, plenty of visitors to our country B&B, the bounty of our land and the surrounding farmland along with a renewed focus on the things I have always loved – baking, cooking, taking pictures and daily hikes/snowshoeing with my dogs.

Take a Morning Walk with me and see how this city girl fell in love with the country.  I am reminded every day why we made the move in the first place.

Launching my blog.

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