Don’t you whistle at me!

6:30 AM and it sounds like somebody is whistling outside my window!  The dogs go nuts, running around the house, barking, protecting their turf. There is no easing into morning this first full rainy day of summer…

I checked and didn’t see anyone or anything outside.  It obviously had to be an animal, but the sound went away and so the dogs and I head out for our Morning Walk.

I started posting photos from my daily Morning Walks on Facebook a few months ago…. because I have five years of backlogged photos of my life in the country, and I’ve been looking for an outlet.  I should have started posting here, but the idea of starting a blog was daunting, and Facebook was just so easy.  As a blog newbie, I hope you will bear with me as I figure out the backend of blogging.

So we get back from our walk, I sit down to work on a post for today and that whistling sound is back.  I follow the sound and spot our visitor.  I move about the house like a spy, grabbing my camera and a stool, slowly lowering a window so as not to scare him off, and from my perch I snap a few shots of a Northern Bobwhite.  Apparently, it is rare to see one in mid/upstate NY, which is the northern perimeter of its range.  This is the first time I have seen one of these birds, or heard the call that gave him away.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t you whistle at me!

  1. I love that you started this blog. You’re whistler may have been visiting my neck of the woods. I just bought a bird book for our area for Jim’s birthday and I’m going to look up the Bobwhite. Jim and I mountain bike at this amazing place and I had a similar experience. I kept looking for the man in the woods whistling but couldn’t find anyone. Jim and I spend about a half hour trying to identify the source from all the other birds and their calls. You may have found the answer for me. Thanks Heather!

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