As the Crow Flies

We all know what a crow sounds like – obnoxious (definitely not a pretty sound), and they are incessant [wiki bit — lacking a syrinx — the vocal organ of birds — its only vocalizations are grunts or low hisses].  Ok, so these crows were grunting at 6:00 AM, and then I heard and saw them on our walk.  But now, five hours later they still haven’t shut up so I decide to investigate what’s going on.

I head to the field and follow the sound.  Ahhh… overhead, and much closer than I could see on this morning’s walk,  I realize it’s a turkey vulture and not a crow.

Turkey Vulture Overhead.

These birds are communal, so when you see one, you can be sure there will be others.  Despite the rain, I  decide to sit in the middle of the field and wait.  For the next thirty minutes, this is what I see:

In one picture, you can see a Red-Winged Blackbird attacking one of the Vultures.  I see Red-Tailed Hawks being attacked by much smaller birds all the time.

I moved closer and closer – trying to make them fly away so I would stop taking pictures and get out of the rain!!


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