Update to “Like the Fashion Industry, We Think Two Seasons Ahead” post from June 24, 2011.

Wood is stacked for Winter...

Wood is stacked for Winter!

(actually, I think there is more wood coming – as part of a barter between my husband and our friend/neighbor… joy!)

We spent our day stacking wood, and my husband is still out mowing the lawn.  We have a ride-on John Deere with a bum transmission which means it no longer has enough juice to make it to the top of our hill.  So today, I on the 4 Wheeler, towed Scott on the John Deere up to the top of the hill.  And I can’t believe I didn’t bring my camera – that thing has been in my pocket for months!  But the grass never stops growing and so next week I will have the same opportunity to snap a photo of our “country cob” solution to a problem.  We were proud!  We high-fived!


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