A Couple of Deer Misses

Nature photographers spend day, months… years trying to capture a shot.  But on my property I have had so many “Deer Misses” that you’d think I would be able to capture one great shot.  Not so.  I either can’t pull my camera out fast enough, or the few times I have been within mere feet of deer, I don’t have my camera on me (and I curse!).  My deer pictures always look like this:

On today’s Morning Walk we were in the middle of the field and a beautiful speckled fawn popped up from the tall grasses within feet of me (see where Denali is sitting in its deer bed below – that’s how close it was).  I ran and followed it into the woods but it was too fast for me.

On June 24, 2011, we were walking up the path and the dogs flushed out a deer that was eating in the bushes right next to me.  Again, I was too late, and a terrible photo:

On my Morning Walk June 16, 2011 – A doe and her fawn walked out right in front of us… and then, that adorable fawn came running down the path straight at us in an “Oh look! Playmates!” kind of way.  Then the doe started running toward us, but not nearly as close (I could have pet the fawn as it ran by). The doe was snorting as a warning to us and as a “danger” sign to the fawn. It was incredible!!  But no photo.

I see multiple deer on the property every day of the year (well, there are long stretches in the Winter where we see none).  I see them in the distance at the top of the hill, in our yard or drinking from the stream, the dogs flush one out of the brush, field or woods, and just yesterday as I was writing a blog entry, a deer passed right below the kitchen window – but wouldn’t you know it, my camera batteries were being charged.

Unless I want to view the world entirely through the camera viewfinder, hand on lens, camera turned on… I will just have to rely on luck.

I was JUST about to post, when that same deer from yesterday passed below my kitchen window.  The picture is through the screen and still not the shot I am hoping for… but perhaps my luck is changing??


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