Allergic To So Much Beauty

This is how bad the allergies are some days.

I never had allergies until I moved to the country.  They didn’t develop right away – but the past year and a half has been miserable.  It’s like having the worst head cold… that never goes away.  I can now empathize with all the other allergy sufferers out there.

I went to an allergist last year and I am basically allergic to the country – trees, grasses, pollens, mold and dust.  I live in the middle of farm country: the fields and crops all get cut (some, several times per growing season) and the material is either baled or turned into silage (a process where they ferment the vegetation for winter feed).  Everyone has horses, cows, sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas, chickens… and all their waste (manure) is collected, stored, liquefied and spread on the fields late winter for the next growing season.  Year-round – there is no relief.

I’ve tried the neti pot, steam, benadryl, claritan, nasonex… among a long list, but the side effects are often worse than the allergies – either I can’t sleep, or I’m nauseous – and so I choose to suffer.  We aren’t going anywhere, so my hope is, that in a few years either my body will again change or I’ll become immune to all this nature.

Acadia in the pollen mine field.

2 thoughts on “Allergic To So Much Beauty

    • No, the allergist told me my options were to take drugs or get allergy shots. But given that our bodies change every XX number of years, and I know people who USED to have allergies… I’m just hoping they will eventually go away.

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