June 30, 2011 Morning Walk

A delicate raspberry.

This morning the dogs and I set out on our walk at 6:30 AM.  The sky was beautiful and we caught the tail-end of the cloud cover (or maybe you’d call it the leading edge of a front?) before it passed over the hill to the East.  We also checked the status of a few black raspberry bushes – they are a little closer to ripe every day – and you need to be ready to pounce as soon as they turn purple/black, otherwise the deer will get them.

We also have raspberries on the property.  I’m not sure what variety, but they are rare and in total, we maybe pick and eat a pint.  If you see a ripe one, you need to pick it and eat it on the spot because they are so fragile, they often fall to the ground before you can get to them.  These taste raspberrier than any raspberry I’ve ever eaten.



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