Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

I couldn’t have asked for a better Independence Day weekend.  It started with my hike on Friday (“Taconic Mountain High, Massachusetts,” posted July 2, 2011), and ended with the first, DELICIOUS harvest of black & red raspberries of the season.  We had a houseful of guests, including one of my best girlfriends from Boston.  The weather was perfect, we went out to dinner, grilled, built a fire in the pit (you could hear a coyote pack going wild up the hill from us), hit the farmer’s market, tooled around on the four wheeler, witnessed a couple of stunning sunsets, “saved” a snapping turtle (by stopping the car and putting on the flashers until it made it safely to the other side of the road).

Morning Walk, Saturday, July 2, 2011 – I had a partner in crime (mom) helping me scout out fungus.  “Here’s one.  And here’s another!  Heather!!  You have to see this one!!!”  I added the (gorgeous) images to “OK, I’ll Admit It – I Have A Fungus Fetish,” posted July 2, 2011.

Morning Walk, Sunday, July 3, 2011 – I usually hike to the top and run back.  Some days, like Sunday, the running proves to be a missed photo-op.  I packed my camera away, was running back… almost back… rounding the final corner, and about 20 ft. behind me, a deer, who must have been sleeping in the tall grass, jumped up and ran off.  !#@*! Again!  No camera, no picture.

Morning Walk, Sunday, July 4, 2011 – We witnessed a hawk catch a smaller bird mid-air (amazing to see, but sad because we could hear the crying), and Acadia flushed a turkey and two chicks out of the field (luckily, the babies had already learned how to fly).  There was also a lot of activity in the corn field today – corn was planted!


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