There’s Something in the Woods

Three hours and four quarts of berries later, we returned from our morning walk.    We stayed out as long as we could stand it – the bugs were awful (they dive bomb your eyes and ears) and Acadia, our little hunter, stumbled upon some animal in the woods.  I have no idea what it was because he was too far away, but you could definitely hear him growling!  I called him back immediately because there’s been talk of a black bear and two cubs in the woods where we were picking.  I was a touch spooked, but not enough to leave… there were berries to pick!  Denali stayed by my side the whole time, oblivious, eating berries off the bushes.


One thought on “There’s Something in the Woods

  1. Acadia? My father grew up in Bar Harbor, and I’m now living in Montana. Where we not only have black bears… we also have Lots of grizzly’s. It doesn’t take long to learn how to be when in the wilderness with wild things.
    Love your blogs, thank you for sharing.

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