Red Sky at Night

What a difference a few hours can make – these pictures show how dramatically the weather changed over a four hour period.

The build-up to moving to the country was about a year of convincing me followed by a year and a half of weekend exploratory driving trips through upstate New York (and for clarity, I mean the upstate that is North, East and West of Albany… not North of White Plains, as most from New York City consider upstate).  My husband and I had our topo map and street maps and would simply see where roads would take us.  We haven’t done that in awhile, so I decided to start exploring some of the local roads that I have not been on before.

On my drive home this afternoon, on a mountain road I hadn’t been on before, I was surprised to see a great view down a valley to the farm on the back side of our hill.

I stopped to snap a few pictures along the way and it started to rain.  It didn’t last long, but about two hours later, nasty black clouds appeared – and you knew they were coming because the sky got eerily bright just ahead of the storm clouds.  There was a heavy downpour, thunder and lightening – we lost power and ate dinner by candlelight.  Power returned, skies cleared and then the evening ended with a gorgeous sunset.  Red-orange sunlight reflected beautifully off the rising cumulus clouds down the valley, so I hopped on the 4-Wheeler and raced to the top to catch a glimpse.


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