Blame it on the Rain

Rain is necessary and good.  It sustains life, it makes things grow.  On this morning’s walk I saw these two little love slugs sharing a bit of fungus growing on the forest floor:

Can you feel the love?!

But yesterday’s heavy downpour must have been disorienting for some because I also found Yellow Finch feathers stuck to our bedroom window and a dead chipmunk at the bottom of the pool:

Ouch! Yellow Finch Feathers Stuck to Our Window.

Drowning is no way to go...

In the chipmunk’s case, however, it may just be bad luck, because a few weeks ago (June 16)  I found a chipmunk (perhaps the same one?) stuck in a gutter downspout near the pool.   I saw him, snapped a picture, took the dogs for a walk, and when we got back, the chipmunk was still there.  So I freed him, he did a crazy dance and then proceeded to run across the patio and inside the pool fencing.  I checked on him later that night to make sure he didn’t get stuck in there as well.  He was free, but unfortunately, he is now gone.

Chipmunk stuck in gutter downspout.


Chipmunk inside our pool fencing.


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