Country Lifestyle – July 11, 2011.


There is something about weeding and brush cutting that really gets me fired up.  I love making a mess!  Put a pair of loppers in my hands and I’m armed and dangerous.  And so yesterday, I created at least 10 massive piles of weeds and clipped branches that I now need to clean up and haul away.  I don’t love this part of the process; just like in the kitchen, I love the prep and the cooking, but I wish I had someone to come in and do the cleanup.

We shortened our morning walk today so I could get to the cleanup before the heat, but I did manage to collect a few things along the way:

Field Finds.

wild asparagus which I will turn into a delicious soup;

Asparagus Soup.

bee balm flowers that will become tea;

Bee Balm Flowers for Tea.

wild oregano or mint (the jury is still out), but it makes a great addition to the soup; black raspberries; and st. john’s wort, which I may try pulverizing because it looks like the oils aid wound healing.

St. John's Wort

Two hours of cleanup – miserable, hot & sweaty… ‘this ain’t no beauty contest!’

Miserable Hot & Sweaty.


2 thoughts on “Country Lifestyle – July 11, 2011.

  1. hi heather! i’m so inspired by your productivity and love that you can plop in the pool for much-deserved relief. you and scott have a little piece of heaven up there.

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