A Series of Amazing Sunsets

On Wednesday, July 13, 2011, pre-dinner, I was on the roof cleaning out the gutters – we are trying to stay one step ahead of the never-ending pine needles and seed pods that accumulate in there – when the winds started to howl, we heard a tree snap up in the woods, and the skies got tornado dark.  Of course I had my camera with me, and I was happy on the roof, but my husband coaxed me down.

When the rain stopped post-dinner, I noticed the incredible light outside, grabbed my camera, went right back on the roof to snap a few shots.  The exiting storm clouds were moving very fast and back-lit orange by the setting sun. I again hopped on the wheeler to see the view from the top.

There have been some pretty amazing sunsets over our property.  I am sharing with you a few of my favorites.  One photo is actually a sunrise, but definitely worth including.  If you click on the photos to enlarge, you will have a much better view.


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