Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet

Berries, berries, berries, I know, but it’s that time of year.  I took a break from picking black raspberries this morning to go in search of the elusive Blackberry.  One and a half hours of gathering only yielded 7.6 oz of Blackberries.  These are the hardest to find because they don’t grow on a bush, they are in a thicket along the ground.

My mission was to recreate Ciao Bella’s Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet.  This sorbet is one of my favorite frozen desserts, this and the discontinued Haagen Dazs Mayan Chocolate which is an amazing, creamy, rich, dark chocolate ice cream with bands of cinnamon caramel running through it.  Mayan Chocolate will be my next ice cream recreation.

So how did I do on the Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet recreation?  Color match?  Yes.  Taste match?  It’s close, and although Ciao Bella’s tastes slightly better, you just can’t beat something homemade, with berries you picked that morning.

I also took a picture of some grapes on the property.  I’m sure they are edible, but we’ll see how they taste once they ripen.  I’m fantasizing about a stomping party and making some homemade wine!


Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet

1 lb Fresh Blackberries (I didn’t have enough so I had to supplement with black raspberries)
1 cup cabernet sauvignon
1/2 cup sugar
1 Tbs. lime juice

Puree the blackberries, then put the mixture through a sieve to remove the seeds.

Combine the wine, sugar and lime juice in a saucepan and cook over medium heat until the sugar dissolves.  Allow to cool.  Mix with the strained berries.  Process in an ice cream maker for 25-30 minutes.  Transfer to a suitable container, cover with waxed paper (to prevent ice crystals from forming on the top), cover and freeze.

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