Wet & Not So Wild Weekend.

Friends Scott & Kimberly from Boston spent this hot summer weekend with us at our ‘B&B.’  And although we were wet for the majority of the weekend – time spent in the country is more serene than wild.

We spent most of the time in the pool, sipping sangria.  We were treated to lobster from Boston and had dinner poolside, in the gazebo – it seems the more miserable the weather, the fiercer the bugs.

Saturday, our friends Todd & Johna invited us to spend the afternoon with them on Saratoga Lake – a fabulous treat because Scott and I have not been on a boat (other than the car ferry from New London, CT to Orient Point, NY) since sometime when we lived in Boston.  I took advantage of the sand in Sandy Bay and gave myself a spa treatment.  And we each took turns tubing – I went fourth so I was able to learn what NOT to do.  My husband rode on his stomach – ouch – and the driver, Todd, threw him off.  Kimberly sat in the tube, but she is light as a feather and got bounced all over the place, legs in the air like a “V” – and Todd threw her off.  Next, it was Todd’s turn to go, and he’s a pro, but his wife Johna told the driver, my husband to “throw him!!”  And so he did.  I was determined not to be thrown.  I sat in the tube, held on tight, raised my butt off the bottom, and quickly learned if I hooked my legs around the front of the tube I had really great control (the funny photo I posted is before I figured this out!!).  As hard as Todd tried to throw me… he did not succeed – victory was mine!  Last up was our friend Scott, and using my method… he looked like he was sitting in a barcalounger back there!

Other weekend highlights –

On my Sunday morning walk I saw a Cicada – those things are nasty, and the curious berries I have been eying in the woods for weeks are indeed blackberries (Eastern Dewberries).  They go from hard green, to red to POW blackberries.  They are just starting to ripen and they are delicious.

We hit the Cambridge Farmer’s Market. Sandy Shoor was the musician this week – really good folk, blues, Scottish, rag musician.  Purchases:
Fresh Chicken from Garden of Spice Poultry Farm.
Fresh Chevre from Gillis Acres Farm.
Fresh Veggies from Happenchance Farm.
Fresh Corn from Reggie’s Veggies.

Acadia, the brute, got himself a nice puncture wound chasing his frisbee and diving, full force & speed into the tall march grasses.  This was not the first wound I’ve had to tend to – I’ve become a real pro.

My husband named the little bird I have been nursing back to health for the past 5 days – his name is Zorro.  It’s perfect!  I love it!  Kimberly loved the bird because she has a pet Jenday Conure.  If you would like to follow the bird’s progress, check out blog post Fallen Baby Bird, July 21, 2011.

We ended the weekend with a bat in the house!  One shows up once or twice a year – we still haven’t figured out how they get in… but to get them out… leave the kitchen door open & turn kitchen lights out.  Turn the rest of the downstairs lights on and start barricading room by room until he flies out.  We’re still scared (blankets over head)… but we can now extricate a bat in under five minutes!  Kimberly suggested that Scott & I sign up for the Amazing Race.  🙂


1 bottle of red or white wine
1 cup fruit flavored liquor (schnapps, cointreau, triple sec, brandy…) or 1 can of orange soda, or you can use juice (orange, grape, apple… )
1 cup washed, sliced fruit with the skins on (any combination of strawberry, pineapple, nectarine/peach, orange, lemon, pear, apple, raspberry… )
Add Sugar to taste

Mix all ingredients in a pitcher/bowl – I use the jug pictured above with a spigot on it. Allow the flavors to meld for a few hours before consuming (if you can wait that long!).

Sangria Slushie
After the Sangria sat in the fridge for two days, I made these Slushies by running the Sangria, fruit and all, through the blender* and then processing in the ice cream maker for fabulous frozen drinks!

*I discarded citrus rinds before blending.


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