You’ve Gotta Have a Good Space to Hang.

Yesterday I was motivated to paint the pool shed – it needed a refreshing.  Also we’ve been replacing, piece by piece, the rotting wood trim on the doors, and so I pried off one piece of trim and cut a new one.  I managed to complete three sides before the rain came.  I was worried my work would be in vain and I would find all the paint had run down the sides and into the grass – but thankfully, it didn’t.  Today I will complete the job.

Redoing the pool area, like everything else, has been a huge undertaking.  Not only did we replace the pool lining, but we also moved the gazebo from its former location behind the garage to the end of the pool (where it makes more sense), but we also had the old patio area (which was nothing more than a former cracked and heaving garage floor, with rickety wooden stairs leading down to the pool, ripped out and replaced with a beautiful new patio.  A patio where we spend most of our time from April through October/November.


Zorro had a rough night.  If you would like to follow the bird’s progress, check out blog post Fallen Baby Bird, July 21, 2011.

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