Over a Bottle of Wine, Laughter is Found.

Yesterday was difficult for me with the passing of Zorro.  He was not just a little bird that I was trying to rescue — he had real personality.  He definitely recognized me, got excited each time I came near, he would fly to me, nuzzle up against my neck, fall asleep in my hand — he trusted me and if birds can love, he loved me as I loved him.  Each time I looked at his grave or had to talk about him I got choked up and would cry.  I think it was so hard to handle his death because he relied on me and even though the injury that ultimately led to his death happened overnight when he flew off to “someplace safe, I feel like I failed him.  I truly believed I could bring him to adulthood and he would fly off and live a happy bird life.

I kept myself busy yesterday by baking bread, doing chores, taking an extra walk in the field… but my mood was definitely melancholy – I was in mourning.  But a bit of wine and socializing helped to turn my mood around.  We met my mom at SPAC in the evening to see The Philadelphia Orchestra play the score to Casablanca as the film played in the background.  I used to work in SPAC’s main office in The Hall of Springs, so I saw some friends, we picnicked on the lawn and then sat inside for the performance.  It was a great concept, drawing a large crowd – but unfortunately, Scott and I were both wiped out, for different reasons, so we headed home at intermission, tired, but thankful for the laughter.


Zorro’s full story and pictures can be found at blog post Fallen Baby Bird, July 21, 2011. 

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