I Love the Smell of Skunk in the Morning. It Smells Like… Victory?


Poor Denali.

Today marks the third time my dogs have been sprayed by a skunk.  The first time it was just Acadia.  The second time it was both of them.  And today, it was just Denali.  Each time the spraying has happened in the same area of the upper field, so I should have seen it coming… noses to the sky and then they dash off like a bat outta hell.  But they are always hot on the trail of something… a deer, a turkey, a rabbit, a woodchuck, birds nesting in the grass.  This morning when the boys returned to the trail from deep in the field, Denali starting rubbing his face on the ground and that unmistakable scent hit my nose, I exclaimed “OH NO!”  Scott heard me all the way down at the house.

When Acadia gets sprayed by a skunk, or finds turkey poop, horse manure, or even some good smelling mud – he rolls in it, face-first, and he wears that scent like a badge.  His demeanor changes and he walks with head high and chest puffed out.  He is soo disappointed when we bathe him.  When Denali gets sprayed (or gets something in his eye, or steps on something), he comes right over to you – he wants you to help him – he’s our little baby.  So when you tell him to “GO” because he stinks, he is visibly hurt, and then you compound the hurt with a Skunk Be Gone washing and a hose soaking, his ears go back and he’s scared because he thinks we are mad at him.  Denali is a pleaser and he doesn’t like it when we are mad.

Skunk Be Gone.

The dogs are sitting outside right now because Denali stinks – and he will stink for weeks.  The Skunk Be Gone doesn’t work that great, but I will go through the motions anyway because in the past, tomato juice or vinegar didn’t work so great either.

One thought on “I Love the Smell of Skunk in the Morning. It Smells Like… Victory?

  1. My step daughter Jane is more of a cat person. We’re dog people so there is always a good debate going over the merits of being a dog or cat owner. Rolling in dead things and eating poop (Jack goes for rabbit droppings like he’s munching on popcorn at the movies) are two of Jane’s trump cards. I don’t have a good comeback.

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