The Things We Collect

Blog post Too Much Stuff, July 31, 2011 got me thinking about the things we collect.  What are the things we hold onto?  I have never been a collector of knickknacks, tchotchkes, trinkets, figurines, etc… but I have always collected rocks.  These are the mementos I bring back from a trip or a hike or a special event.  I remember where most of them came from – like the big white rock in the last picture – that thing weighs 22 lbs and I made my brother carry it more than a mile down the beach in Montauk, NY.  I had to have it!  Some of my rocks came from my dad, and I felt like I inherited a pirate’s booty when my mom gave me some of the rocks from my Nan when she passed.

I have also long been fascinated by wood as sculpture – driftwood, dead trees, gnarled wood.  Thankfully, I also like working with wood (the grain, the feel, the smell of sanded or fresh-cut wood) because we have stripped, sanded and stained most of the trim-work in our house, we’ve redone a few floors and I have stripped, sanded and stained most of the doors in the house.

What do you collect?

One thought on “The Things We Collect

  1. I don’t collect anything formally, although we rarely come home from being outdoors without a rock, shell, pine cone, etc. so I relate to and appreciate your collections. Grace, as you know, likes heart shaped natural objects. I like to write down words, strands of poetry, quotes, scripture. They’re sort of all over the place. In books with corners turned down to mark them, in journals, on envelopes, scraps of paper, on word documents I’ve stored in various files in my computer, in letters I’ve written. Does that count?

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