Have You Ever Been Left at the Altar??

Internet Image - Jilted Bride.

Me neither.  But I imagine the feeling is similar to having a job offer rescinded.

I am currently interviewing with a few companies, and this is what got me thinking about the rescinded offer.  The back-story:

I was laid off from a fixed-term position eight months ago – I knew going into it that there was the possibility it would end.  I loved my job and I was upset when it ended, and even though I am still looking for a job, I have enjoyed every second of my time off because I have a hundred projects that keep me busy every day.

There was a short period of time, however, when I was depressed because I was wooed by an architecture firm to work on the planning side of things – doing research, traveling with the team to meet prospective clients and ask the important questions, writing and creating presentation reports for these potential new clients.  It was the perfect opportunity – my degree was in architecture, I love to write, I am very good at long-term, large-scale projects, and there would have been a small amount of graphic/CAD work thrown in (I was a graphic artist way back when).  We met twice, an offer was made, I was encouraged to accept “I do hope you will respond favorably to our offer of employment.  You would be a great addition to our team.  I think you would be able to reconnect with your love of architecture and graphic design and would thrive here.”  I was shown my desk, asked about the computer equipment I wanted, given my benefits package, went home that Friday night and celebrated with my family and had a great weekend knowing I was starting an exciting new job in two weeks.  I received my official offer via email on Monday… and the VERY NEXT DAY… the firm rescinded the offer citing economic fears.  WHAT?!?!  They had two months from the beginning of the process until the offer was made to think about whether or not it was a good idea to bring someone new on.  I was shocked, devastated and whenever I think about it, I get upset because it would have been a great opportunity and who does that to someone?  It was so unprofessional and painful.  BUT, they did lose a big project that was to fund my initial employment, so I was a big girl and told them I understood their decision (and I did), that I didn’t believe it was too good to be true… but perhaps too good for right now, and that I wanted them to make me another offer when the next big project came in.

But the news got worse because that big project they lost came alive again, but their thinking hadn’t changed – they said “they were overly anxious, got scared and hadn’t entirely thought things through.”  You know, given the way they handled things, maybe it would not have been such a great marriage after all.

One thought on “Have You Ever Been Left at the Altar??

  1. getting through these events makes us big girls but it always sucks – but it makes you create your own path and you have to believe in SYNCHRONICITY!

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