My Ticket To Ride

Does it really look that old??

My wonderful Mom bought me a bike helmet yesterday as a thank you gift for helping her with her move and for helping her decorate her new place.  She has done the bulk of the work, and I was happy to help… so a gift was an unexpected surprise.  Thanks Mom!  I love my new helmet and I plan to take my bike out for a spin in a few minutes.

I lived in Boulder, CO for ten years and my bike was my only transportation for most of those years – biking through rain and sleet and snow.  Boulder is set up for biking – you can travel almost anywhere on a bike path.  I never wore a helmet, not while commuting to work, the university, the grocery store, and not even when off-roading.  But around here, a helmet is my ticket to ride – everyone speeds on country roads.

I bought my mountain bike in 1990, and even though I still think it looks hot, I wondered if ‘the kids today’ would look at it and think it looked old?  We went biking with our friends a few weeks ago and it only took a few minutes for twelve-year-old Ben to answer that question and say “oh, your bike is old!”

HEY buddy, my bike may be old… but I’m not.  Off I go.

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