You Studs!

With the Fasig-Tipton Saratoga (horse) Yearling Auction complete, generating $32.9M in total sales, from only 103 yearlings, it seems like an appropriate time to talk about my little studs.

Both Acadia and Denali have been studs – they are not neutered.  They are gorgeous English Labradors with blockey heads, lean muscular builds, super soft shiny coats… but unlike the dollar amounts paid for top-of-the-line horse sperm, my guys only fetched $500 each.

A year separated their services, with the same female, Lily.  Lily’s owners first chose Acadia, the yellow lab.  He is the Alpha – our no fear tough guy.  Acadia figured out pretty quickly why we brought him to “play” with this female dog… but he had a bit of performance anxiety and so we had to take him to see his girlfriend three times before the pregnancy actually took.   Acadia was a lovesick mess – sulking around the house, desperate to see his girl, laying by the door and whining, cuddling with stuffed animals (which he NEVER does), and he remained like that for weeks.

The next year, Denali was the chosen stud.  Denali is our sweet, happy-go-lucky baby who is more puppy than dog, who has a stuffed animal (like a security blanket) in his mouth at all times, who comes to stand by us whenever there is perceived danger.  He really surprised us because we took him to “play” with Lily just once.  We arrived, he saw the girl, he did his business and we out of there.  Denali never missed Lily – it was as if the consummation never happened.

They boys never met their puppies – but we did.  With Acadia, there were six yellow puppies.  With Denali, there were four yellow puppies, two black puppies and one chocolate puppy.  All but one of the pictures of Denali’s puppies are from August 10, 2008 – exactly three years ago today.


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