Morning Walk and the DEA, August 17, 2011

I have taken pictures of spider webs before… and no doubt I will do it again because they are so beautiful all covered in dew, lit by the morning sun.  Blow these pictures up so you can see just how delicate and intricate they are… and just how many varieties there are.  Some are master architects, like the one that stopped me in my tracks saying “would you look at that?!”  There was a main web surrounded by what can only be described as two forcefields.  Seeing a web that incredible made me wonder why others webs look like the spider said “eh, good enough.”  Spiders must have different skill sets, or maybe some are just lazy?

Also today, my husband saw DEA trucks and four wheelers down at the town hall getting ready to scour the area – they are looking for pot, which is, we are told, the biggest cash crop in Washington County.  We heard a helicopter throughout the day, and while out on my bike ride, I snapped a photo of it flying overhead.

One day last year, on a day we were not home, our neighbor [the farmer who hays our fields and plants the corn]  told us there were cops and four wheelers all over our property and that they were hauling all kinds of stuff off out of the corn field.  But to this day, we don’t know if it’s true, because the police never came to talk to us, and I walked the cornfield looking for evidence of a raid and saw nothing more than a few broken stalks, obviously the result of hungry deer.  We actually asked the police about it and they said “if we found something, you can be sure we would have talked to you.”  Perhaps this is considered farm humor?


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