Kindred Spirit – Missing My Nan

The Breath of a Buffalo.

I am missing my Nan today – she passed away three summers ago.  I think about her often as I head out on my morning walks with the dogs.  Nan worked the night shift and every morning, she took her dogs for a walk in the pasture (which sadly, is now a high-end housing development).  During my life, Nan & Pomp had several rottweilers, and before that, a shepherd and a husky.

Nan was 1/2 Native American, from the Cree Nation.  Her dogs were her wolves – she would dream of herself with long black hair, running with wolves.  Nan was THE most unique and interesting person I have ever known.

Nan and her Wolves.

Nan collected rocks, knives and samurai swords, tribal masks and drums from all over the world.  She was into flamenco dancing, roller skated competitively,  did judo and exercised, went to drumming circles, and she took up piano and organ and actually had a church organ with pipes in her house!

Nan read alot, mostly poetry, and was quite the poet herself.  She was not religious, but she was interested in and read about all religions – she most-identified with Buddhism and had statues all over her house.  Nan & Pomp would make frequent visits to, and supported the Buddhist Temple in Grafton, NY.  She supported other causes too like Greenpeace, Save the Whales, Leonard Peltier and Free Tibet.


Nan wore crazy clothes and even though she was a short woman, she fancied herself 5′ 10″ and would buy sizes accordingly.  She had the most amazing custom jewelry – no clip-on earring, fake pearl granny jewelry for her!  She had a couple tattoos,  wore two earrings in each ear and a small chain around her waist.

Nan had a million plants and she repotted the clipping because she couldn’t bear to throw the babies away.  She had cats, beta fish, a taratula and geese.  She fed the deer, fox, stray cats and left spider webs in the corners because they too deserved a place to live.

Nan’s house was a bit of a tree-house, all overgrown, because again, she refused to cut anything down, and her house was overrun with all the things she loved.  But more than anything she loved her kids, her grandkids and great-grandkids.  I know she had a tough, difficult side – a side that my mom and uncle knew, but as one of her grandkids, I never saw that – she always, ALWAYS, showed me unconditional and over-flowing love.

I am thinking of you today my Nan… my Nanabanana… my Gingerbread Nan.

A Walk Into Death.

Nan’s obituary:

McClintock, Margaret
Margaret (Crouch) McClintock, 82 years 363 days, passed away Sunday, July 6, 2008 at home surrounded by her loving family. Margaret was born in Dannsville, N.Y., the daughter of the late George and Mildred Caward. She has been a longtime resident of the Capital District. Margaret earned her nursing degree from Albany Medical Center Hospital and worked as a LPN for over 30 years. Most recently, she had worked at Capital District Psychiatric Center. Margaret was an incredibly active woman. She had vast and varied interests that included nature, dancing and most especially roller skating. Margaret is survived by her son, Dennis McClintock and his wife, Doreen; daughter, Andrea Coton; her grandchildren, Shawn McClintock, Dennis Bagley, Shane McClintock, Heather Coton, Matthew Coton and Fawn McClintock; six great-grand-children; her sister, Barbara Dinsmore of Buffalo; a very large extended family; many close friends and especially her best friend, Jane Smith. At peace: let the winds come singing here. Let the clouds with rainbows greet and most comfortably embrace the people of my life, the ones who own my heart, and let us each one wish one another well. Plains Indian Warrior. Funeral services will be private at the convenience of the family. Memorial contributions may be made to Community Hospice of Albany, 445 New Karner Rd., Colonie, NY 12205 or Dr.’s Without Borders USA, PO Box 5030, Hagerstown, MD 21741 5030.

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