Damn You Irene!

I lived in Boulder, CO for 10 years, and today, our friends Jen & Dion are visiting from Colorado!  We have received THREE calls with adjusted delay times.  As of this very moment, they are delayed in Chicago by two hours due to Hurricane Irene – damn you Irene.

What to do what to do… the house is clean, we went on our morning walk early and I picked blackberries, I made chocolate chip cookies, blackberry cabernet sorbet, an apple pie, marinated shrimp and steak tips and made a chick pea salad.

If only I was one of those people who left everything to the last minute… then I would have plenty of things left to fill my time!  I’m too excited to just sit around and wait… so I’ll go for a bike ride.


So I just changed to go on my bike ride when we received the FOURTH call – the plane will be here 40 minutes earlier than the last call.  Grrr… but at least I can leave now and stop pacing around the house!

2 thoughts on “Damn You Irene!

  1. Hope you’re having a great visit. The meal you made sounds delicious. I’m glad Irene isn’t causing you more harm than impatience. I had to borrow a cup of sugar from my neighbor, but I made those pecan chocolate chip cookies last night and Wow! I sent Grace back to the neighbors with warm cookies to say thank you and got a bunch of texts back on how delicious they were. Thanks for the recipe.

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