Friend Town, USA

I have often said that I wish I could gather up all my best friends and have them live in the same town as me – Friend Town, USA.  I have moved around many times so my friends are scattered about the country.  We marry, [some of us] have babies, and our busy lives often get in the way of our friendships with those near and far… some two and three thousand miles away.

But this past weekend I was so lucky to have my friends Jen and Dion visit from Colorado.  I have not seen Jen since June 2010 when we met in Chicago, and before that, it was September 2009 when we met in Montauk, NY.  Jen was last at my house August 2008, and what all this means is that I am seriously overdue for a trip to Colorado!!!

Our time together is never long enough and I missed Jen before we even said goodbye, but we did have a few great days.  We ate well, drank plenty, hung out by the pool (because those days are numbered, shut-down in T-minus 13 days), we went to a Saratoga Polo match, kayaked for four hours Saturday on Saratoga Lake, and then threw our healthy intentions out the window Sunday by sitting in the garage drinking and gabbing all day while Hurricane Irene ran her course.

We were lucky [for this storm] here in our little valley – we got about 6″ of rain, but no serious damage.  And we are only six miles from the VT border where they were devastated from Bennington on up to all our friends in Waitsfield/Mad River.  Also, the town of Esperance, Schoharie County, NY (where my cousin Becky lives) was wiped out.  There is a Red-Cross endorsed fund drive going on right now if you are able to help.  Donations being accepted at Esperance Elks Lodge #2507,111 Main Street.  If you have Facebook –

Monday Jen, Dion & I completed the ‘Saratoga Experience’ by having breakfast at the Race Course, shopping and strolling on Broadway and then we had one last pint at The Irish Times before we had to say “see ya next time.”


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