The Symbolic End of Summer

This past weekend was the symbolic, not the official end of Summer, but it always seems like Labor Day arrives and overnight, the temperatures drop, it starts getting dark way too early and the leaves begin changing color.  I love Fall, but the Summer to Fall transition is the most difficult one for me every year.  Scott and I made the most of our symbolical farewell to Summer.

I started off the weekend by driving 3 hrs roundtrip to Esperance, NY to drop off a big box of donated stuff for Schoharie County’s Hurricane Irene fund drive.  It was clothes, shoes, belts, jackets, hats, blankets, towels… it was the little bit that we could do.  I took a few pictures of the Schoharie Creek at the bridge that crosses RT 20 and the power of the water that turned a creek into a raging river was obvious.  I did not make it down to Schoharie or Middleburgh to witness the destruction.  We did see flood damage firsthand in Buskirk which is along the Hoosic River and only a few minutes from our house.  FEMA, don’t let Washington be the bastard County – declare a State of Emergency here too for those who need it!

The rest of our weekend was split between labor and leisure.

Leisure – We went kayaking again on Fish Creek in Saratoga, only this time we went downstream instead of out onto Saratoga Lake.  We also hiked Mt. Greylock, taking a slightly longer route to the summit than I did back in July.  We had a few guests, including our neighbors who, after urging them to do so all Summer, finally pool-crashed, and our friend Mike who took his [gorgeous] GT3 out for a drive.  We grilled, nothing exciting there, but we did have a beautiful candlelit dinner in the gazebo on Friday night.

Labor – I finally got around to turning my compost pile and OH MY, five years has turned veggies and clippings into gorgeous black gold!!  I mixed two giant wheelbarrows full into my raised beds and I’ll add some more in the Spring.  Hopefully this will be the magical elixir for all things wrong with our tomatoes.  It’s so sad our growing season is over because now, the beds are all jacked-up on nutrients and worms and I’m ready to plant now.  Bye bye garden – I’ll see you next year.   I spent one afternoon chopping brush around the dogs’ watering hole because with all the rain this Summer, everything is so overgrown.  I hauled away three giant piles of clippings.  We also had buyers visiting our house because on Craigslist we sold our ride-on John Deere mower within 24 hrs, and a Stihl trimmer within 4 hrs.  It was a great few days.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, this year’s Fall Equinox is September 23 at 5:05 A.M. EDT… so there is still a little time to squeeze the last bits out of the official Summer.


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