Six on the Beach.

Ok, it is actually Sixteen on the Beach because I just couldn’t narrow it down to six pictures.

Every year, right about now – post Labor Day and post Summer crowds and pricing – we head out to the beach in Montauk, NY.  But sadly, this will be the first time in nine years that we are not going.  Scott has a new job as an Assistant Public Defender, and I am looking for work.  Summer is essentially over so I am hoping businesses step up their hiring a little.  Maybe?

We love Montauk, we got married there, our dogs go bananas for the ocean, the beach is gorgeous and the town, although technically part of the Hamptons, is just a sleepy fishing village.  We also get to visit with family on the North Fork of Long Island on our ferry journey down, and if we are lucky, Scott’s cousin will still be at her house where we stay before she heads out West for the Winter.  Montauk is a great getaway… but let’s face it… I really don’t need a getaway after these past months of not working, what I need is a job.  Come on Obama… let’s hope you have something useful to report tonight in your Jobs Speech…


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