Beer Goggle Realty

I started this blog back in June because I love to write and I had nearly 6,000 images [it is now nearly 7,000] from the past five years telling the story of our life in the country.  It comforts me to look back at early pictures of this place because it reminds me just how far we have come updating this 1860s farmhouse and the land that it sits on.  I love it now, but back then, given the state of the yard, the pool/patio area and the interior of the house, we were either wearing beer goggles or had a serious vision of the future when we decided to buy the place!!

A few simple changes have made a world of difference, like clearing the backyard.  It was totally wild and overgrown – like what you see in the fields, only with tons of scrub brush and sumac trees, discarded building equipment like old doors, siding, bricks, concrete blocks, plus rusted farm equipment and a shopping cart, broken pottery, hundreds of beer bottles and cans [and to this day we are still picking up bottles and cans].

September, 2006 we had the backyard brush hogged and each year we take out more scrub brush and dead trees, ever-expanding what has become a beautiful yard.

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