A Gathering of the Tribe.

How great is it when the stars align and a last-minute invitation actually leads to a gathering.  Yesterday, my brother (my bud), his wife and my three nieces spent the afternoon at our house.  My Dad & Donna joined us at 5:00 and we all had dinner together.  Food highlights – grass-fed beef from Sugar Mill Farms and ice cream from Battenkill Valley Creamery.  Life not only gets in the way with friends, but also with family, so I was thrilled to have everyone here.

We swam in the freezing cold pool, on what was likely the last day of the pool season, and the girls joined me on my walk with the dogs to the top.  I have done this walk every day for the past five years – you’d think I’d be tired of it, but I’m not – and it’s even more special when I can share it with the people I love.

My apologies to Rai, Dad & Donna – I didn’t take any pictures of you yesterday… so I had to pull a few out of the vault…


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