Washington County Cheese Tour

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and Scott and I felt like taking a drive.  Thankfully, with a little research, I stumbled upon the Washington County Cheese Tour.  This self-guided driving tour happens every year but we always seem to miss it.  I now know that it happens every year, the weekend after Labor Day, and the reason we always seem to miss it is because we are normally down at the beach in Montauk NY.

The Cheese Tour allows you “…to explore the world of farmstead and artisan cheese making.  As you make your way from farm to farm, you’ll drive through some of the most beautiful rural scenery in New York & Vermont.  Each farm will offer: Tastings; Displays; Farm Tours; Sales; and Other Events.”  This year, we made it to four of the five participating farms.  This was our route:

  • Sweet Spring Farm, Argyle, NY – Farmstead Goat’s Milk Cheeses
  • Argyle Cheese Farmer, Argyle, NY – Farmstead Cow’s Milk Cheeses
  • Consider Bardwell Farm, West Pawlett, VT (just over the border) – Farmstead Goat’s Milk and Artisan Cow’s Milk Cheeses
  • 3-Corner Field Farm, Shushan, NY – Farmstead Sheep’s Milk Cheeses

**Longview Farm, Fort Edward, NY, offering Farmstead Goats’ Milk and Artisan Cows’ Milk Cheeses, also participated but we skipped this one.

It was an almost perfect day: gorgeous weather, the GPS led us on some beautiful back country roads we had never been on before, the farms were bucolic, some with gorgeous views, we ran into some friends and we sampled many tasty cow/goat/sheep milk cheeses.  We bought multiple cheeses at every farm, had a toasted cheese sandwich for lunch at Consider Bardwell and purchased goat meat (loins and chops) from Sweet Spring for dinner.  The goat meat was tiny, but amazing – we will absolutely buy it again.

Also at Sweet Spring, there was a soft jazz band playing and people picnicking on the lawn.  So what could have made the day perfect?  Wine, crusty bread, charcuterie and good friends to share it with.  We actually passed our friends Tom & Mia along the drive – we saw each other and waved – they were obviously doing the tour as well, and I immediately wished we had thought to call them.  But that’s ok, this year can be chalked up to recon – next year we will get it right!!

P.S.- I hope everyone saw the Harvest Moon last night.

P.P.S – Most days I read a passage from one of the books my Nan gave me, Offerings, Buddhist wisdom for every day.  The following struck me as worth sharing:
September 12 – Most of us have spent our lives caught up in plans, expectations, ambitions for the future, in regrets, guilt or shame about the past.  To come into the present is to stop the war. – Jack Kornfield


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