The Distraction Method

When we lived in Boston, we had the top floor of a big, beautiful brownstone, and our cleaning commitment was simply a few hours each Saturday morning.  No kids, no dogs, no land, no home improvement necessary.  But somehow I would manage to get seriously distracted each time we’d clean the place.  I would start a project in one room, realize I needed something from another room, and then I would start a project while I was in there, and this pattern would continue until I had the whole house torn apart.

My method hasn’t changed… but now, with all this land, I get myself into trouble with outdoor projects.  Yesterday I went outside SIMPLY  to plant a tiny lavender clipping that my step-mom Donna brought for me on Saturday.  Well, four hours and mountains of brush clippings later, I never got around to planting that lavender.

So how did it happen?

It was a beautiful, hot and sunny 81° and I wanted to spend some time outside.  While I was pondering where to plant that lavender, I decided to take out this one scrub brush that was bothering me…. and then the madness ensued.

The fields get hayed every year at this time (although not yet this year – I hear the still-swamped, muddy fields are swallowing tractors – the farmers need to wait until things dry out some more – and even then, some may not be able to salvage the crops due to rot – they may just cut, leave it, and start over again next year), but the field borders, where the stone walls are, are so overgrown with trees/scrub/vines/old barbed wire… that I could start clipping right now, and clip all day every day for the rest of my life and the work would never be done.

Luckily I get all jacked-up for this clipping/cutting/tearing/pulling business… it’s like tug-of-war… you use every muscle in your body, and whatever it takes, I am going to win!  And it was a fabulous sweat – I was wearing my rubber boots and fleece for protection, and dropped nearly 4lbs in water weight in one afternoon.  Our pool is sooo cold, but I had to go in to stabilize.  (Pool closing is tomorrow – not happy.)

Today I will spend many hours cleaning up my mess from yesterday, and maybe I’ll get around to planting that lavender.

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