Imagine Flesh Wounds & Giant Tubers

I photographed the pool closing yesterday because in previous years I have been at work, come home and the deed was done.  Let me tell you, the process was painful to watch.  Imagine a major flesh wound, watching them clean the wound, stitch it up, and then bandage it.  It’s much easier to just see the bandage.

And then, to add salt to the wound, what started off as a dreary cloudy day,  a preferable day for closing a pool, turned into a glorious sunny day.

P.S. – I cleaned up all my brush piles – hauled 6 monster dumpcarts-full on the wheeler.  And while planting the lavender over by the barn, I noticed this crazy “what on earth” vine that I had never seen before.  A little research revealed it is Wild Cucumber – non-edible and it only grows when the conditions are just right.  The vine springs from a massive underground tuber that “can be several meters long and weigh in excess of 100 kg.”  That’s a monster 220lb tuber!!!! It’s like Little Shop of Horrors around here!!

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