Jeepers Creepers, Get Ready Leaf Peepers!

Leaf-peeping season is upon us — according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Fall arrived at 5:05 A.M. EDT this morning.  I’m hoping with all the rain we had this year, that we’ll get some spectacular color.

We live in the hills of Washington County, NY where many people take their weekend drives to see the leaves, but just like everybody else, we need a change of scenery, and so we make an annual trek to the Mountains of Vermont.

The last time I remember a brilliant Fall was 2008.  Friends of ours from Boston came up for a leaf-peeping weekend and we took them over to Manchester, VT.  We drove to the top of Equinox Mountain and had lunch at one of our favorite places, the Ye Olde Tavern.

You can find Vermont’s Fall foliage report here:

And a good description of why the leaves change, and the quality of foliage to expect here:

The most spectacular foliage I can recall was 2005 – the year Scott and I drove all over upstate New York on our quest to purchase a home.

P.S. – This afternoon I am working on big batches of Apple Compote and Pear Compote with fruit from the property.  Recipes at blog post The Dog Days Are Over, August, 13, 2011. And check back Monday for pictures and a recipe for an Apple Danish Tart using, the Apple Compote I just made.  The Tart is soo delicious!!


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