Straddling the Frost – October 5-6, 2011

It was a beautiful day yesterday, despite the wind.  The birds were really active – there were geese flying in every direction – they never seem to just “head South for the Winter.”  They head South, then North, a few are flying West – are they confused?  Are they searching for the same layover spot from last year?  There were also several flocks of sparrows, red-tailed hawk, and the turkey vultures were circling overhead all day, riding the currents – they looked like they were playing, and I never did see them land to feed on anything.

It was predicted that we would get a frost overnight, and we did – all that wind moved in some really cold air.  So pre-frost, I went up to our friend’s house in the afternoon to pick from their garden.  A big thank you to Tom & Mia for inviting me into your garden – we now have veggies for the rest of the week.

So that was yesterday, and today, when we got back from our Morning Walk, I was taking note of these bushes that we planted outback.  They seemed so big to me all of the sudden – I’m sure it’s from all the rain this year.  We bought those bushes four years ago through the Arbor Day Foundation or the DEC or the Washington County something or other – regardless of who it was through, it was all about planting some trees.  So we purchased a bunch – six bushes to go down by the stream for “soil stabilization,” a catalpa, a couple of dogwoods…

Long story short, the day arrived to pick up our trees so we cleared out the bed of the truck… and Scott returned home with a baggy full of twigs and we had a good laugh because we had wondered “god, I hope that’s enough room to cart home all of our new trees?!!!”  A couple of the trees died within a year, but the bushes out back are over 6′ tall and the Catalpa is at least 15′ tall… and in only four years!


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