Riding the Rails… sort of.

On Sunday, Scott and I did a bike ride on the D&H Rail Trail, which was once a railroad bed, and it runs from Rupert, VT to Granville, NY.  According to the website Parks & Trails New York Trail Finder:  http://www.ptny.org/Trailfinder/Default.aspx , the trail is roughly 18 miles each direction.  It also says the surface is stone dust, gravel, but most of it was overgrown, so at times, you felt like you were biking through someone’s yard.  It was mostly flat, but a fun trail, in the trees and covered in leaves at this time of year, there were sections of mud and large pools of water and bridges to cross.

I’m not sure how far we biked?  We were out for two hours, but I kept stopping to take pictures, and we would have gone further, but we reached a point where we had to turn around because the trail was badly washed out as a result of, I can only assume, Hurricane Irene.

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