It’s Time to Get Nervous!

We don’t hunt and we don’t allow hunting on our property, but opening day for [regular] hunting season in our Southern Zone starts this Saturday the 19th and runs through December 11th [bow season and muzzleloading seasons surround regular season].

The dogs and I have been wearing our orange safety capes for a month now because even though regular gun season has not started, we hear gun shots every day.  Come Saturday, it will be like a warzone out there – gunshots all day from every direction and you will see hunters lurking about on neighboring property.  The traffic on these country roads will really pick up too.  Trucks from all over [many from Vermont] loaded with multiple hunters who slow down and survey our property – we always have deer and from the road there is a clear view of all 33 acres, all the way to the top.  Even though it is illegal, people sit in their trucks and hunt out the window, they trespass and they even fire across the road.  We have friends who have bullet holes in their house and up the hill from us, one neighbor had a hunter kill one of their horses, and another, a cow… because some morons really believed they were killing deer!

It has been suggested by longtime residents that we stay out of the fields during hunting season, but as I do every year, I will make a LOT of noise and will take the chance that we will not be mistaken for orange [and in my case, two-legged] deer.  It is my land, we walk it 365 days a year, and I refuse to hide out.


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