The Great American Poop Out.

Basic Training.

It’s ‘back to basics’ training for the boys this week.  Scott and I have had it with the dogs and their deer poo eating ways.  Should I feel lucky or thankful that they are not interested in other poo varieties?  Or that the vet said it’s harmless because deer only eat grass and berries??  No!!  It’s disgusting to watch your dog(s) lapping up a mouthful of fresh green poop.  We’ve been after them for five years to quit the habit and our disapproval is not sinking in.

It’s a difficult challenge because when we are out in the field the dogs are not on leashes.  We have all this land, they are free to roam, and that’s how it should be.  I make them stay relatively close to me, but inevitably they will get a whiff of something and bolt, or they’ll see a window of opportunity when I am taking pictures and sneak off.  I want to give them the freedom to explore… but to them, freedom = chow time… deer poo, baby bunnies/mice/birds, an animal carcass, berries, apples, pears, grass, corn cobs. I yell for them to come, and they don’t.  They’ll stare you right in the face and keep eating.  I yell louder and then louder still until my voice has cracked and my temper is lost and then they will come.  There is absolutely no need for them to forage for their own food – they are well-fed.  And perhaps we wouldn’t get so mad IF they weren’t constantly throwing up the deer poo… along with their [not so cheap] dog food and supplements… often in the middle of the night.

So before we try more extreme measures, it’s Boot Camp baby!  Armed with a pocket full of treats, we headed out for our Morning Walk.  As you can imagine, the boys responded well.  They were not perfect, but better and we’ll see what happens after a week or two of this.  If these smart dogs play their cards right… they’ll have me doing this indefinitely.  And you know what?  I won’t care… as long as we are done with the !*@# poop!!


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