Morning Walk, November 19, 2011.

These are not very exciting images… but taken to prove my point that on Opening Day for hunting season, there are hunters all around us.  The first picture is taken from behind my house, of a guy wearing orange, up in a treestand, on the property to the right of us.  Wearing our own fashionable orange capes, we took our Morning Walk up the middle of the property, instead of along the path at the edge of the fields, to ensure we could be seen by those all around us.  The second picture is taken from mid-field near the top of the property, toward the property to the left of us, of a guy wearing normal clothes, no camo, no safety orange,  just standing there with his gun slung over his shoulder.  There were also a couple of trucks parked in the woods across the road and just to the South of us, but I couldn’t get a good shot.

I know my dad, brother, uncle and cousins are all out hunting today.  The anticipation of Opening Day is like Christmas for soo many in rural communities – something I was oblivious to until we moved to the country.

As a sad aside, we were shocked and saddened to find out that the gentleman who we bought this house from died suddenly Monday at the age of 49.  He grew up in this house and sold the house on behalf of his parents.  We think of Steve and his family often and we send our deepest sympathies.

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