If A Tree Falls In Your Backyard, Can You Run Fast Enough?

Scott was bound and determined to take down a dead pine tree that is literally 4′ from the back of our house.  It has no clear path to fall and the top of the tree is at a 90 degree angle so no doubt it would have gotten tangled up in one of the neighboring trees.  The plan was to throw a rope around the diseased tree and then I would hold the [not-so-long] rope and pull the tree in the right direction while he chainsawed.  Once the tree started to fall I was to drop the rope and RUNNNN!!!

What?  No.  Is anyone else with me on this?  This was not a good plan – any number of things COULD have gone wrong, like the tree could have fallen onto our house, or on me, or taken out other trees in its path.  After repeated pleas of “I am not comfortable with this” Scott convinced himself that he was not comfortable with his plan either.  Disaster averted.

It was my idea to chainsaw in the first place – because I have this crazy need to hack and saw and chop and tear down brush and dead trees – but my sights were set on a patch of dead trees, a very safe distance away from the house.  Thanks Scotty Bunyan for your sensibility and ALL your hard work!

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