Forever a Work in Progress

I am in the midst of painting the kitchen.  We have held out on doing anything to the kitchen (other than upgrading appliances, which we were forced to do because of a power line/voltage/fire incident several years ago) because we have a vision of what we would LIKE the kitchen to be… unfortunately, that expensive vision will have to wait.  Paint is cheap and it’s an easy way to make a big impact.  We decided on a maizey/mustardy color called Allspice for the walls – we chose it because it works well with the color palette we chose for the dining & living rooms.  The trim and cabinets will be Buttercream, and we were thinking a Rusty color for the back set of cabinets to make them stand out AS IF they were a piece of furniture.  We are not loving the rust color, but we will chose a different color for that set of cabinets.  I would like to work some more black into the room and I think we will do that with the countertops.

And in the spirit of renovation, I grabbed some other before/in progress/after pictures throughout the rest of the house, taken over the course of six years.  Room by room, paint can by paint can we are making our mark, stripping wallpaper, paint and shellac, tearing out carpet and redoing the hardwood floors, trim and doors.  This 1860 house will forever be a work in progress, and that’s ok.  What would we do way out here in the country if we didn’t have a million projects to work on??


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