Morning Walk, December 8, 2011.

Brilliant sun and spectacular blue sky on this Morning’s Walk.  I love it!  It finally looks and feels like December.

The kitchen renovation is still a work-in-progress – makes me wish we hadn’t waited so long to tackle this room.  I am not only painting… but scrubbing the ceiling and cabinets, taking a heat gun to all the trim to strip off 151 years worth of gloppy paint (then sanding, priming and then finally painting).  It looks beautiful, esp. when you compare it to what we first walked into!!  And this refresh might be enough to keep us happy, just in case we can never afford/get around to our “dream big, bust through walls” vision.  I will post more pictures soon.  Today I will intermittently continue with the renovation as I tackle some holiday baking for my Aunt Nancy.

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