The Last Morning Walks for 2011.

BUH BYE 2011!!!

No doubt I have enjoyed my time at home this past year – I have scraped and sanded and painted just about every surface in my house;  I’m pretty sure I baked all 365 days; I started this blog (which has kept me baking and writing and taking photographs); I have been able to take my Morning Walk every day (my favorite part of the day); and my dogs and I are best buds, now surgically attached at the hip – but good riddance to 2011… 2012 (financially) needs to be a better year.

It has never taken me more than 2 months to find a job… but here I am over a year later sans job.  “Where oh where art thou decent paying job with benefits?”  I have been making considerably less than what I was making in Boston these past five years – and I have come to terms with this.  But I have not come to terms with this “new economy” where it is expected that you’ll be happy with a PT job paying $10.00/hr with no benefits.  How can you afford to live even a simple life – shelter, food, health coverage?  Get this – in 2011 my husband and I shelled out $9,600 for COBRA payments alone (and the rates have gone UP for 2012).

Interesting little big fact:  In 2011 there are now 23 Sates, home to 62% of the nation’s population (New York included), where the average annual premium for health insurance is above 20% of average household income (, 11/22/11).  How can Congress, Healthcare Providers, Health Insurance Companies and Big Pharma not see this as an issue???  Oh yea, they have coverage.

I do not have champagne wishes and caviar dreams…. I just want peace of mind.  I want to go out to dinner every now and again and be able to travel somewhere, anywhere, once (ok, maybe twice) every year.  I had this life not too long ago, so why does it feel like I am looking for a needle in a haystack?

God never slams a door in your face without opening a box of Girl Scout cookies…
-Elizabeth Gilbert

I will pray for Samoas.

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