Folded Rock Trailhead

We started off the New Year on the right foot… and then the left foot… and then the right again… and next thing you know, we were hiking up Folded Rock Trailhead.  A 1260′ ascent through the Battenkill State Forest, just over 5 miles round-trip and located just 15 minutes from our house.

I have been hiking my whole life, but became a huge fan while living in Colorado.  The last few years that I lived there I was hiking nearly every day, almost always by myself, year-round – off from work at 5:00, home by 5:05 and hiking any number of trails by 5:30.  And these were steep, foothills of the Rockies challenging hikes.

I have been dying to do this Folded Rock trail since I learned about it at one of the Community Bakes.  It was an actual ascent so close to our house!!  But when we got to the base early yesterday morning and read “1260 ft.” I was not impressed.  Maybe because I was spoiled all those years by my Rockies (I feel the same way about skiing – I was spoiled!!).  But surprise of surprises… this was a great hike!!  It started off mellow, we crossed a stream… and then it was really steep for the remainder of the hike.  I loved it – the steeper the better as far as I’m concerned.  The steady rhythm of your steps, the muscle burn, the wind on your face and the controlled deep breathing is a total meditation for me.  This is why my Morning Walks are so important to me and my favorite part of the day.

I am so thrilled about this trail!!  I will still go to Vermont and The Adirondacks, but whenever I need a quick fix, Folded Rock is right there!  I can’t wait to hike it again!!!


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