We GOT Trader Joe’s in the Capital District!!!

A company spokeswoman for Trader Joe’s (see Times Union article) said “Wooing doesn’t affect our decision making,” and would not credit our five-year-long, grassroots movement, We Want Trader Joe’s in the Capital District (wwtj.org and on Facebook), for the chain’s arrival… but come on?!?!  WE DID THIS!  We GOT Trader Joe’s to come to the Capital District!!!

Since 2007, the efforts of our 3,000+ members have been led by Bruce Roter, a composer and College of Saint Rose Music Professor.  I joined the group as soon as I found out about it in 2008.  We have bombarded the company monthly with letters and postcards, pleas on their website, there have been road trips to the closest Trader Joe’s in Hadley, MA, we have all mentioned our group any time we have visited any Trader Joe’s, there were yearly picnics, WWTJ hats and bags and buttons for sale, group-sponsored food drives and artwork in downtown Albany, YouTube videos, etc.

THANK YOU Bruce Roter for starting this campaign, for your creative ideas and your persistence, your research, phone calls, interviews and especially for your drawn sword defending us against the nay-sayers!

Like all of our members, I am an enthusiastic Trader Joe’s fan – have been since I moved to Boston in 1999.  There was a store across the street from where I worked and also one a ten minute walk from where I lived.  So of course when we moved back to this area in 2006, we desperately missed Traders.  Without shame we have coerced friends and family to bring us supplies from Boston, Philly and NJ, we have coffee shipped to us, we’ve made special two hour trips to Framingham, MA for wine, and anytime we’ve taken any road trip, we’ve searched for the nearest Trader Joe’s and made a multi-hundred dollar pit-stop.  But not anymore!!  My growling stomach, bulging pantry and shrinking wallet say THANK YOU to Trader Joe’s for your smart (and uninfluenced) decision to come to the Capital District.

The new store is set to open Spring 2012 at 79 Wolf Rd., Colonie, NY.  No doubt our group, We Got Trader Joe’s in the Capital District, should be the first ones through the door!!!


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