The New Rock Stars on the Block

I was one of an estimated 3,000 people who showed up for the GLOBALFOUNDRIES job fair last night at the Saratoga County Administration Building in Ballston Spa.  It was overwhelming to see so many unemployed people in one location – a definite sign that we’re still out here.

Arrived 4:05 PM.

I arrived early, at 4:05 for the 4:00-7:00PM job fair and you can see in this picture just how far back in line I was.  A GLOBALFOUNDRIES spokesperson came down the block to tell us that there were about 150 people already inside and that they would do what they could to get us inside and out of the cold as quickly as possible.

The traffic was backed up in both directions on McMaster Street, Route 50 and all other side roads.  To find my parking spot, I circled and ended up 3 blocks away… then walked uphill, in my heels on slushy icy streets [woe is me right, but it was cold and drizzling, and thinking about the line I was about to wait in, I knew my hair would be wet and matted by the time I actually got to talk to someone – not ideal for a first impression!]  I debated turning around and going home… but this is what you have to do when the new Rock Stars on the block host a job fair and you want to be part of the band.

Line looped down the hall.

It was 6:00PM before I made it inside the building, but luckily the conversation I struck up with a nice gentleman in line, Bill from Queensbury, made the time pass quickly.  Once inside, we took a right and the line looped through the hallways.  From there, we were led downstairs and looped through the hallway down there.  We were treated to cookies and bottles of water while we waited, which I thought was a nice touch, thank you.  Then we were back upstairs and staged on benches inside the County Supervisor’s meeting room.  The room was packed with job-seekers and media outlets there to capture the huge turnout that even GLOBALFOUNDRIES had not anticipated.

Staged on benches inside the County Supervisor's meeting room.

By 6:30PM it was my turn to speak to a recruiter.  We each only had a few minutes, but it was an opportunity to look a company representative in the eyes, shake their hand and personally pass on your resume.  I then waited another half hour to watch a twenty minute PowerPoint presentation about the company.  The slide show was a bit rushed, but I think it achieved its goal of getting you excited about working for GLOBALFOUNDRIES – I’m glad I stayed.  The process was long – I left the job fair at 7:30PM – but I feel like it was worth my time.

I would love to work for GLOBALFOUNDRIES – they have 11,000 employees around the world and growing;  as a manufacturer of microprocessors for smart phones and tablets (and great potential for the medical industry) they are the future and I anticipate company longevity; they are charitable and have set aside $5 million to contribute to projects that will provide the maximum amount of benefit to the local Malta community; I hear the employees like being there and that they are nice (as were the people I met last night); GLOBALFOUNDRIES arrival is exciting because as I mentioned, they are the Rock Stars and there has been so much hype since AMD first spoke of coming here in 2006 and the great things it would mean for the Capital District, and now, wow, January 2012, they have actually started production; I have extensive experience in management and supporting high-level executives; and lastly, I do need a job and I really like this commute.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES has already hired 1,400 people for its FAB 8 Facility in Malta and plans to hire another 400 people by the end of the year.  Fingers crossed – I feel good about this one!!

If you would like to learn more about GLOBALFOUNDRIES or apply for a job –

News Channel 10 was there last night –
Large turnout for GlobalFoundries Job Fair

If you follow the link, you can actually see me at the left side of the screen in the video, one minute, nine seconds into it (1:09).  Amy Cutler came over to a group of us and asked if one of us would want to go on camera… and I didn’t exactly decline… but I didn’t volunteer either.  That makes twice in a week that I [briefly] made it on TV (last Saturday it was for We GOT Trader Joe’s in the Capital District – victory!!).


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