New Question: If A Tree Falls On Your House…

Back on November 23, 2011 I posted “If A Tree Falls In Your Backyard, Can You Run Fast Enough?”  We had considered cutting down a diseased pine tree behind the house but determined it was a job best left to a professional.  So, the week after Thanksgiving we had a professional come look at the tree, he gave us a quote and said he would be back (at some point) to take care of this for us.


Last night around 3:00AM we heard a loud thud outside our bedroom.  Scott looked out one window and he didn’t see anything.  But it was dark, so how could he?  We laid there listening to the wind and debris hitting the house.  No going back to sleep for us, so at 3:41, we once again started our day waaaaaaaaaaaay too early.  Scott turned on the outside lights to take the dogs out… and there it was, that diseased tree had fallen onto our house.

Thanks anyway tree dude – we’ve got this.  And if we can get the tree off our house without any further damage, we can can consider ourselves lucky.  (I’ll spare you the details of my dog throwing up this morning and the gas leak that was fixed yesterday.)  When it comes to home ownership, luck is a relative term, isn’t it?

Like a [non-wish-granting] genie in a bottle… tree dude appeared… and then poof… he was gone.

I left tree dude a message this morning – and I was nice.  I simply refreshed his memory as to when he was last here [November] and maybe he could come give us a new estimate because that tree we asked him to cut down was now on our house.

He and a partner showed up while I was eating lunch.  At first I thought it was the insurance guy because I was expecting him to show up and take a peek.  But then I heard the chainsaw.  Tree dude never knocked on the door, they just went around back and started taking down the tree.  I threw on my boots and raced outside “hello there… I assume you are tree dude?” [back in November I only spoke to him on the phone; Scott met him in person.]  “Yes”  followed by “I didn’t think anyone was home.  I’m sorry we haven’t come sooner but life has sucked for me [I won’t air any dirty laundry here], so do you want me to take down this tree or not?!”  “Well, we need it off the house, so yes, carry on.”

I understand hardship, and it sucks, but we all face challenges in one form or another.  I just wish tree dude had come a little sooner…. like a month sooner.  But as I just witnessed climbing up to the roof… the damage is minimal: a broken gutter, another bent gutter, two gauges in the roof (one looks like a chainsaw mark), broken corner of the siding (which was not broken until they moved the tree – I have pictures), and a hole in the screen that got ripped when they were throwing branches down from the roof (I know this b/c I watched it happen from my bedroom window).  I  guess this is lucky?


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