Project NEXT.

We were basically finished with the kitchen updating at the beginning of January, and I posted pictures here, but since then the remainder of the cabinets have been painted cream, and we installed a new lighting fixture and added a few doo dads…  so for those of you who requested pictures… here they are.

And with one room complete, I move on to the next project… the dog room, the junk room, the catch-all room.  This is the last room in the house to be tackled – actually, that’s a lie – we started this room in 2006, the year we bought the house.  We ripped up maroon carpeting to find a crumbling and cracking flesh-colored painted floor, so we rented a sander and did a quick sand/stain to the floor.  We stripped wallpaper and threw on a quick coat of white paint in preparation for the arrival of our puppies.  The dog bowls and supplies are still in this room, but it has basically been a junk room for five years.

WISH ME LUCK, or maybe you should say “May your back be strong!!”  Because stripping paint in an old house is a @*&%!.  At one time it must have been fashionable [or more likely, it’s a matter of moolah] to paint everything in all rooms the same color – the walls, trim, doors, counters, floors – because everything in this house was at one time layered with the following paint colors:  a dark green base, followed by light green, light blue, lavender, flesh and pink.  After these colors, room diversity was evident… but the trend of painting every surface the same color remained – this room was all maroon when we moved in.

If you need me between now and Spring, you will find me in the junk room.


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