What the Buzz is About.

February 15, 2012, around 3:00PM – we took advantage of the 40° weather and a rare afternoon when my husband was home, to have a cocktail and our first outdoor fire of the year.  Despite what Punxsutawney Phil said, Spring is in the air.

I put in four hours of paint scraping yesterday and my hands/forearms are in need of a serious break.  When it comes to renovation projects, I always push myself beyond the point where I should stop, telling myself “let me just get through this one section,” and then I of course, do more.  Today my hands and arms are still buzzing and the pinky and ring finger on my left hand are numb (repetitive stress).  I just tried to clip my fingernails – and I didn’t have enough strength to do it (had to have my husband do it) – perhaps a sign I should give it a rest??  Especially since I have suffered carpal tunnel in both wrists – even had surgery on one of them.  I will do it… but it’s frustrating to lose a day.

*Check here for dog room renovation pictures.  I decided to keep them all in one place because it will be a good way for me [and you, if interested] to track progress.

2/15/11 - This is what the patio looked like last year at this time.


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