It’s the Country… Lock your Doors???

Yesterday while I was scraping paint, the dogs started going nuts.  There was a Sheriff standing in my front yard, waving to me through the window.  I went outside, safety glasses and mask still on to ask “what’s up?? ”

He wanted to see if I saw anything suspicious because our neighbor across the street was robbed.  I said “oh my god, that’s scary… and I think he is home this week with his kids for school vacation.” The officer said “he is, but he stepped out for a few hours with the kids and that’s when it happened.”  Same thing happened last July to our neighbor two doors down.  She left the house for a few hours, with her dog, and during that time, they were robbed.

In all my years in the city, I never worried about being robbed.  It makes me angry to know that someone(s) is repeatedly casing the neighborhood, watching for signs of an empty house. It makes me never want to leave my house. It makes me want to be a watchman from the second-story window, making note of every slow moving car and truck I see.   It makes me feel all John McClane vigilante up in here… “Yippee-ki-yay, mother #@?%*!!”

Criminals be warned, you best keep movin’ on cuz I’m takin’ [plate] numbers.

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